What You Are The Media Means To Me. By Andy Headington.

The You Are The Media community brings people together from a host of disciplines. Lets share what it means to them.

Andy Headington is CEO of long standing digital agency, Adido. Here is a perspective on what Andy takes.

“I have been attending You Are The Media Lunch Club since 2016.

Quite how I ended up going along I can’t recall but however I found my way there it’s been discovering another wonderful community on my doorstep. Of the networking groups, and I use that term in the loosest possible sense, that I’ve been to over the years, it is not really like anything else – and that’s a very good thing!

The emphasis at most groups is about trying to talk to as many people as you can who you do and don’t know but with often very little else besides. What Mark Masters has managed to cultivate over the last few years is a group of like minded marketers and business folk who come to learn, interact and share.

I am sure that business happens (and I’ve been able to benefit from the group financially) but it is never, ever the main focus. The focus is about catching up with a fantastic bunch of people, listening to experts to further my and the local areas knowledge and enjoy some great food & company.

Mark’s purpose is around building loyalty and whilst his weekly newsletter delivers ongoing value, this group has added another valuable layer on top of the great work he’s done.

I just feel lucky that this is happening on my doorstep! If you’re not from the local area then why not make the trip down? We’d love to welcome you in.”

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