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The space for creative entrepreneurs

The You Are The Media Club is here to help you create content for the right audience to get the customers you always wanted.

The Goal

The goal is to give you a strategic focus on your content, to create, to grow your audience and be motivated as part of a group and your journey as a professional creator. 

It’s time to take the learning to a deeper level where you are encouraged to stand for something, build your own platform and people to know you are the right person for them.

What we’ll do

You Are The Media Club is a community (online) where we will cover:

Monthly themes

Tutorials delivered

Tasks set

Wider community involvement with YATM Online

Sharing and working together

Why it works

You Are The Media works because of the talented people who make up the community and the connections and relationships made.

This is for people who want to pursue their curiosity, learn to build their audience and capture attention in the age of opportunity.

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Starting winter 2022 and will be £30 per month. Leave your email and will share more info with you.