Event Speakers.

andrew & pete.

Andrew & Pete were one of the highlights from Content Marketing World 2018.

They specialise in how small businesses can adopt a content-driven approach to see a return. Most importantly, they back everything up by doing it themselves.

With their regular videos, their online membership Atomic community and sharing with audiences around the world, it is an absolute pleasure to have Andrew & Pete down to the seaside.

They have the opening slot for the You Are The Media Conference and start the day with an almightly BANG!

margaret magnarelli.

Margaret is VP of marketing at Monster.com and heading over from New York to spend some time at the English seaside.

Margaret leads the B2B and B2C multichannel marketing campaigns across SEO, social media, PR, paid media, and email.

She also developed the infamous framework called "How? Now. Wow!" that won the Content Marketing Institute’s award for Best Content Program and nominated as a finalist for Content Marketer of the Year.

Margaret is currently leaning into how companies bring empathy into their marketing. This is something that Monster.com embraces and Margaret will share with you how this can work and what you can adopt to build your audience.

steven lamb.

Steven is the brand ambassador from River Cottage and has been with the company since the early days as a Channel 4 series.

River Cottage is everything about a content brand. They publish books, have a cookery school and also canteens.

When it comes to building loyalty from others, it all starts with having a cause that you believe in and stand next to it.

Steven will share how you can build a message that connects and has longevity. The River Cottage brand still stands true today to the ethos it created 20 years ago.

doug kessler.

Doug is a pioneer of the content marketing practice.

Doug is co-founder of Velocity Partners, based in London which was Content Marketing Agency of the Year in 2016.

He talks to audiences around the globe and was last in Bournemouth for Silicon Beach and his talk on 'insane honesty' in 2014.

We welcome Doug back to the seaside and will take to the stage during the morning.

jake moore.

Jake takes to the stage as the You Are The Media Community Champion.

At the 2018 You Are The Media Conference it was Tarryn and Tim Poulton. Jake has recently joined cyber security powerhouse ESET, prior to his 'dream job' Jake worked for Dorset Police.

Jake took it upon himself to share with others regular videos on cyber security. It was this that helped build Jake as an authority, that led him to his new position.

His talk will be focused on how you can build a successsful personal brand, even if it sits within another business.

janet murray.

Janet teaches people online marketing strategies that help generate a constant stream of lead/sales for your business so you're not constantly worrying about where your next client is coming from.

Janet has built her audience from scratch and is a fantastic example of an individual who has consistently shown up and found spaces to call her own. From her regular podcast, her blog, her events and mastermind groups, her is proof of someone who has built their own audience.

Janet will share with you how she has built her space and that we all started from zero.

Looking forward to welcoming Janet to the seaside.

jon burkhart.

Jon was a part of You Are The Media Conference in 2018, but has a new special move that he shares with audiences over the world.

Jon is going to be the 'Closing Beernote' for the conference. This means that he effectively sums up the day in a presentation. He'll be videoing, taking pictures during the day and then bring it all together in one giant bundle of love as we bring the conference to a close.

The reason Jon is closing the day is that when it gets to the last speaker, concentration levels can wander. Let's re-energise and go out with one almighty BANG.

You'll have a drink in hand (on us), kick back on those comfy theatre seats and we bring the day to a close (and you're head isn't wandering off).