The First Rule Of You Are The Media Lunch Club. By Marcus Wincott

Lets share what others take from being a part of the You Are The Media community.

Marcus Wincott is marketing manager from Media Lounge and here he shares the importance of inclusivity, the ongoing monthly Lunch Clubs and the pressure that is on for 2018.

Over to Marcus….

“So what is the first rule of ‘You Are The Media’ Lunch Club? Well, as a content marketing community led by the incurably personable Mark Masters, it certainly isn’t that you don’t talk about it?

I think I could suggest a few strong contenders for the principal rule but perhaps I should first explain how I became part of the Lunch Club family and what I like most about it.

It was back in 2016 when I first decided to get out of the office for a couple of hours and join Mark for one of his new ‘lunchtime networking’ events. It was being hosted about 5 minutes from my office so I set off on foot, dressed in a tweed jacket with a pocketful of business cards – because why wouldn’t I? I fully expected the usual networking experience, if on a smaller scale.

It was both surprising and refreshing to find that Mark delivered something that was nothing like the other networking horror shows I had attended previously. The jacket came off, the business cards stayed in my pocket, nobody asked me to give an ‘elevator pitch’ and amazingly I didn’t have to swap seats at any point. Imagine my surprise!

This was clearly going to be a different kind of networking – something unique that I had personally never experienced in Dorset, and it’s fair to say I was instantly hooked.

Not only does each Lunch Club include a detailed chat between Mark and a number of industry experts covering everything from cybersecurity and data protection to video production and brand building, we always enjoy plenty of coffee and a delicious meal courtesy of the awesome guys at Lunch’d. For me there isn’t really a better way to spend a couple of hours on a Thursday afternoon each month!

Interesting conversations, when combined with a roomful of fellow business leaders gives you a brilliantly unique event that brings together all that is great about the digital community here in Dorset. Not only do I love attending the event from a personal perspective, I welcome the opportunity to be amongst similarly-minded people who share a common goal – to create loyalty from their audience through a deepened level of connectivity. Afterall Marks message is very clear – you can be your own media platform with the right approach!

As well as providing boundless enthusiasm and energy, Mark seems to have cracked how to track down interesting and engaging guest speakers and back in 2016 this, coupled with the informal setting, kept me coming back every month. In fact, it didn’t take long for me to suggest that it would be good to host a Lunch Club at our new Media Lounge HQ, which later became the home of ‘You Are The Media’!

With such a wide range of guest speakers this year, the pressure is really on for 2018. Exceeding my already high expectations will be tough but I’ve got full confidence in Mark as he’s delivered month after month without any drop in quality, engagement or enthusiasm from his loyal community. The Media Lounge team remain fully committed to supporting Mark and the ‘You Are The Media’ brand.

It is now over a year since my first Lunch Club visit and the things that got me interested back then continue to get better and better but it certainly isn’t just a lunchtime networking event anymore, it really is a community.

Thinking back to that first Lunch Club, I was one of maybe 15 people there. In contrast, the November event this year brought together more than 60 professionals from a wide variety of different businesses and sectors – highlighting to me not only how far the YATM community has come, but the depth and breadth of that community.

I’m looking forward to the 2018 schedule and the YATM Conference in May and my only advice to Mark would be to keep doing what you’re doing.

The combination of a relaxed atmosphere, engaging guest speakers and a fantastic community is definitely a winner!

So for me, the first rule of Lunch Club is everyone should be talking about lunch club!”

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