The Reality Of Burnout

30th April, 2020 • Shelley Theatre

There is now more evidence than ever of people and businesses making a stand.

Let’s figure out and showcase how we communicate and connect by having zero barriers to entry. We are now seeing more people and businesses building their own space to create loyalty and customers who stay.

You Are The Media is a weekly email, sent every Thursday morning at 6.30am that encourages businesses to own the spaces that are theirs and to build a loyal audience.

This has been a monthly occasion in May 2016 and we’re still here. It is all about creating something so people have a sense of belonging and not live in a space where they are coerced from strangers to give out business cards like ninja stars.


There is a community that is growing, why hide behind something that arrives in an in-box.

Stop giving your money to the likes of Google, Facebook and talking to strangers. They do not care about the development of your business. Even worse companies who give it the big ‘I AM’ and don’t live by what they tell everybody else to behave.


Burnout is a topic that has been shared on You Are The Media. Here is an article on burnout, whilst it was happening, read it here.

From being in a tough place, it was only experiencing burnout, that the answer was found, have a read here.

The April YATM Lunch Club will be a panel format to have an open discussion. It will feature those who have also experienced burnout to representation from Dorset Mind.

This session is not necessarily about having the answers, but acknowledging something that is very real for anyone trying to build their space.

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Thursday April 30th

12.15pm to 1.45pm


Shelley Theatre

Beechwood Avenue




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