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Playing A Bigger Game In 2024 with Trevor Young

1st December, 2023 • Foundry Poole

Have a plan in place where you have clarity on the people you attract, the message you share and the media you choose.

Helping to deliver these sessions is Australia’s pioneering PR and content strategist, Trevor Young for his only UK date of 2023.

Trevor is a seasoned PR and communications practitioner and has worked in this capacity with some of the biggest consultancies in Australia, as well as running his my own agencies. Trevor is the author of award winning books, microDomination and Content Marketing For PR.

These are strategic sessions to help you plan and know the steps you are going to take for your marketing and message.

Watch this video from Trevor on the difference between the Reputation Economy vs Creator Economy.

We will deliver two sessions dedicated to you with a focus on:

Play A Bigger Game – Unlocking Opportunities For The Rest Of 2023 (& Into 2024)

Watch this learning session (55 mins) with Trevor and Mark:

– What does ‘playing a bigger game’ look like?

– Stepping up and experimenting more

– What can you cut back on ie. is anything not working and time to tweak such as newsletter or podcast? 

– Think about making mini bets on your work (spread the risk, so it’s not all on one activity)

– Opportunities that are a lot closer than you think

– What does you call to action look like today?

Committing To Playing A Bigger Game – Seizing Your Opportunities For 2024 (In-Person, Poole)

This will be an in-person workshop, at Foundry, Poole on Friday December 1st (9.30am to 12.30pm), where the focus will be on helping you formulate ideas and carry with you into 2024.

This is the structure we will cover:

9:30 am – Introductions all round

9:40 am >>> PART 1 – SETTING THE SCENE

Playing a bigger game: what does that mean?

10 am >>> PART 2 – ZEROING IN ON YOUR PROJECT (“What” / “Who”)

What can YOU do in 2024 that will help you create more impact for your brand and your business?

AUDIENCE > Who are the people who matter most to the success of your business/project?

10:40 am – COFFEE BREAK


CHANNELS > How are you going to communicate your story/message in order to bring your project to life?


TAKE ACTION: Let’s start building momentum towards our goal

12:30 pm – Finish

The first session is dedicated to inspiration and feeding motivation, the second session is focused on thinking bigger and bringing your ideas and promises to life. Both have a strategic marketing angle, where the focus is how you stand out and bring people to you.

We’ll deliver in an upbeat, but structured way where the goal is for you to implement and bring to life. This is not sharing theory, this is practical advice to action.

The first session is dedicated to YATM Club members. To join the YATM Club (£90 per quarter or £330 for the year) become a member here.

All YATM Club members have a discounted rate for the in-person workshop on 1st December (if you’re not a Club member, come and join in).


Play A Bigger Game | with Trevor Young | YATM Club Member (1st Dec)


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Play A Bigger Game | with Trevor Young | non YATM Club Member (1st Dec)


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Fri 1st Dec (9.30am to 12pm BST) | In-Person, Foundry, Poole


Dolphin Centre,

1st and 2nd Floors

Poole BH15 1SP

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