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YATM Online Offline Xmas Special

2nd December, 2021 • Regent Centre

You Are The Media Online Offline continues in the comfort of your screen, and continues in the theatre. Let’s end the YATM year with our Christmas Special.

You Are The Media Online has brought in guests from around the world since March 2020. In 2019 we closed the year with a very special talk from our good, good friend, Gordon Fong. It was the perfect way to end the year and a message on belonging and having a place called home.

It touched every single person in the audience and was the perfect way to close 2019, when none of us were aware of the chaos that was just around the corner throughout the globe.

Let’s do it again to finish the year with words of encouragement, stories of hope and recognising that the most important thing in 2021 has been the ability to be around other people again.

You have to cherish the people who stand alongside you, celebrate together, respect their input and find ways to learn together. There’s no need to be engineering some sort of hierarchy between you and others.

We’ll have our end of year round-up, Gordon’s talk, our #winning and our Christmas singing.

Let’s have a party.


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2nd December 2021

1pm to 3pm (GMT)


Regent Centre

51 High St,

Christchurch, Dorset

BH23 1AS

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