YATM Lunch Club Online | Andrew Davis

11th June, 2020 • Your home

You Are The Media Lunch Club Online continues but in the comfort of your home, your sofa, your space from 1.15pm (GMT).

You Are The Media Lunch Club in Bournemouth and Bristol brings in guests who are accessible and we have covered many topic areas since 2016. By having You Are The Media Lunch Club Online it will bring in guests from around the world.

The overall focus will be on marketing your business in a very different world and becoming your own media channel. If you can build an audience that is yours and you direct the communication to people who buy into you (and get it), when times might become tough again, people will already be there with you.

When people stick by you, they will still buy from you and you will be there for them, no matter the weather.

You Are The Media Lunch Club Online allows people can interact and we go deeper into topic areas. This allows a chat facility to be used during the session and also when the session has finished, people can still stay online and share what they have learned with each other (plus the all important momentum of just being connected with each other, whilst the world of offline).

Book your place, you will then receive a personal email from Mark with the details to join (YATM Lunch Club Online will be via Zoom).

Our Guest On Thursday 11th June

We’re heading back out to the US to meet up with Andrew Davis and our main topic around how to bring people to you when you take the stance as a visionary.

The insight and drive you have is what becomes the magnet and not necessarily repeating what has already been said in your marketplace.

How can it work? What you do you need to take onboard? Let’s spend some time with Drew and you’ll leave with some new ideas to take onboard.

YATM Lunch Club Online | Andrew Davis


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1.15pm to 2.15pm (GMT)

After 2.15pm stick around, share with others what you took from the session and just hang out.


Your home/office/quiet place

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