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YATM Learning | Presenting

19th August, 2021 • Your home

Take something new away, be a part of the discussion and join in with the monthly topics.

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You Are The Media Learning is the community learning group on Zoom.

There is an abundance of talented people who are a part of You Are The Media community, who have figured things out, continually nurture their space and a bring a wealth of expertise in their creation efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all tap into this and hear how people have made something work, share what has failed and for us all to share knowledge?

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This will be in a panel format, hosted by Matt King, where our panel will share what has made the main topic work them (and their lessons). In this session, it is all about presenting.

Whether you are standing up in front of an audience, or invited as a podcast guest, what are the tips from those who have spent a lot of their career delivering and speaking up in front of others? Let’s also find out from those who invite others to speak, what they look for that makes a good guest. 

It’s time to banish the ‘ummmms’ and ‘arhhhhhs’ come and join in with Matt and the team.

Join in, it is free to all, ask questions to the panel and the rest of the community, hear about the successes and failures of creating content in its various forms and for you to learn from the people that have been there and done it and pick their brains (and the rest of the community) to uplift your skillsets an extra 5%.

Everything is better when we learn together.

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YATM Learning | Presenting


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1.15pm to 2.15pm (GMT)

Thursday 19th August


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