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You Are The Media Podcast. The Role Of The 2018 Marketer With Ian Rhodes.

Lets look at the role of the modern marketer and what you need to be thinking about as we approach 2018.

Gone are the days of thinking that advertising and marketing are something of the same and even worse thinking that the world has to revolve around a campaign with a start and an end date.

In the first You Are The Media Podcast, Ian Rhodes shares what we need to take on board to be recognised as an accomplished marketer.

Lets look at:

– what is the key armoury we need to have on board ie. knowledge, SEO, customer, using email/social?
– are people and businesses pressing the default button and going back to how they have always behaved too easily ie. treating social media as free advertising
– is it tough to get into a way where we stand should to shoulder with others rather than telling others what we think they need to know?
– is the key role of the marketer today about anyway that we can grow our audience and keep our customers?

– where is the opportunity that presents an abundant future for others?

Whilst confidence has a huge role to play, when it comes to building your audience everything has to start with having a plan in action.

Ian was also the first person asked to participate in the You Are The Media Conference, find out why he said ‘no.’

Hope these 20 minutes serve as food for thought.

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