What You Are The Media Means To Me. By Oli Perron

Being part of the You Are The Media community, means lots of things to different people.

Oli Perron from Lunchd supplies the lunch for everyone at the monthly Lunch Clubs. Lets find out what he takes from it.

“For me It’s a smorgasbord of an event, and not just because i wanted to use the word Smorgasbord, ok maybe a bit!

From that first call with Mark when he asked if I could provide healthy lunches for a new idea he had, and by the way…’could i be the first guest’, I was in.

For me there is lots to love about the now monthly #YATM lunch club. It is not just the endless compliments I receive from the lunches that i lap up like hummus on slightly toasted pitta bread, nor the one too many freshly roasted coffees that makes taking in info on GDPR info almost impossible, not even the comedic yet interesting meandering yet on-point journey that Mark takes the guests on when we learn about a new company founder startup story or product.

Like many other startups, or freelancers, the biggest thing I missed about working with a group, is the group.

It is the one thing that even when business is going really well, it is irreplaceable. Like anything, the more you put into a relationship the better it gets.

After nearly 1,000 lunches for the group, catching up with people on a regular basis, their projects or just having a laugh about bitcoin with no set agenda is something that i look forward to, each time. When you stop worrying about networking and just get involved, more contacts and additional work seem to just materialise.

I also get a real nice feeling when seeing new people and helping them feel involved or just introducing them to a person that they may find interesting.

I underestimated how helping something grow that wasn’t my own business could be rewarding, and watching new people find other people in this lovely part of the world where we’ve chosen to live and work. here’s to many more.

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