What Being Part Of The You Are The Media Community Means To Me. By Dan Willis.

Lets share what being part of the You Are The Media community means to them

Dan Willis is a digital consultant for Why Digital and lets share what he takes from being part of a wider network.


“I know it’s hard to justify to a business to focus on anything other than their product and growth.

I know that time is a business’s most limited resource, and that there is a lot of noise out there to takeaway focus and output.

I know this, as I’m a business owner myself.

As someone who has naturally quite an introverted character, most networking events have tended to be a part of that noise. – A distraction; something that is deemed as “the done thing”, but provides little insight or value, and simply leaves you feeling deflated.

I find that this failure of many events is due to the lack of focus on community. Instead, the point of sale is always driver of every conversation.

When done right, an event creates a sense of belonging. Members feel like they’re part of something important and they’re proud, they feel special. Their experience becomes so much more than just “business”. They develop strong emotions around what you stand for. They build relationships with other members. This to me, is a true definition of community, and is where You Are The Media really stands out from the crowd.

I have seen first hand over the past couple of years how building a strong community can create an environment where members high engagement levels leads to a whole host of benefits.

I have seen small unassuming businesses talk about how they have become an internationally renowned organisation, how people have helped others through their business due to personal medical challenges, and found that you don’t need to have the backing of paid advertising to succeed in business.

There are things that I have learnt both personally and professionally because of this community… That I can be transparent and talk freely about my experiences with mental health, that building a brand doesn’t happen overnight, and that the best business opportunities are created through strong relationships; not a 2 minute chat and a business card exchange.

So, a community is where you can interact, converse, share and help each other, it gives you an opportunity to be a fly on the wall and learn more about industry, trends and, most importantly, people – The You are the Media community is exactly that. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else, just a vehicle for people to network with purpose.”

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