What You Are The Media Means To Me. By Lee Taylor

Lets share what being part of the You Are The Media community means to others.

Lee Taylor is business development director for solicitor firm Steele Raymond.

“I remember attending my very first You Are The Media Lunch Club in 2016.

I remember it well as it was the very first You Are The Media Lunch Club. I remember it well because it was in my very own back yard. Not literally, but in the Client Suite at Steele Raymond.

Mark Masters was bouncing around, Ollie from Lunch’d was dishing out his awesome food and about to be Mark’s first guest speaker and a gaggle of 30 or so business professionals turned up wide eyed and expectant.

The format was fresh. The format was new. But the event just worked. It didn’t feel like an event at all. It felt familiar. It felt welcoming. There was no pressure of business cards being shoved in your face between sips of coffee. There was no awkwardness. And that is down to the people that attend. Professionals from businesses of all shapes and sizes but all with a common goal. To learn and do the small things in marketing one percent better. Making those incremental improvements for a much larger gain over time.

Over the year or so’s worth of Lunch Clubs I have attended I can honestly say I’ve left every one with something worthwhile. Enlightened, motivated, more curious and a hankering for more Pad Thai (thanks Ollie).

There are not many events out there where, thanks to the fantastic guest speakers, you get an honest, authentic, warts-and-all insight of how things have worked, or not worked. How you can do better in yourself or in your business. How you can stand out from the crowd without having that global brand budget.

It is real, genuine and authentic – much like the people who attend it.

A community of like-minded business professionals all eager to do things better in their own marketing space. As Dan Willis put so eloquently in his recent article – it’s a belonging.”


If you would like to come to the January 25th You Are The Media Lunch Club, click here to find out more and to book.

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