What Being Part Of The You Are The Media Community Means To Me. By Steen Stones

Lets share what being part of You Are The Media means to others.

Steen Stones won the ‘consistency’ award at the 2017 You Are The Media Annual Awards. His ‘Resilience Weekly’ email has been a regular message throughout the year.

Here is what Steen takes from this:

‘Take a quick poll of any new start up and ask if they like networking and the resounding answer will be a loud “NO!”. At the same time, we are told by everyone you have to network to grow your business.

We all dutifully trudge along, clutching a handful of business cards, with our sticky label with our name circling the coffee urns asking “So, what do you do?” the whole time never truly listening because we are too busy rehearsing our own elevator pitch.

This was very much my introduction to networking. Then I came across an event that changed my preconceptions of networking, that asked the question “How can we stop creating a network and start creating relationships?”

On a cold Novembers afternoon, I found myself sat for the first time at a You Are The Media event, in Urban Reef listening to a Ben Crowe from Crimson Guitars (See the article here if you missed it) being interviewed by the ever curious and energetic Mark Masters.

This wasn’t the usual guest speaker, this was a relationship being built on stage.

I came away from this first You Are The Media Lunch Club with a brief glimpse into a community that I didn’t realise existed on my doorstep. I didn’t give out and I didn’t receive any business cards, but I did start to build relationships with interesting people doing exciting, creative things here in Bournemouth. Through YATM Lunch Club, Mark has spotlighted the people who are taking a stand for what they believe and taking ownership of their message.

For me personally the YATM Lunch Club has become an essential supportive community, which has helped me develop my own voice through my Resilience Weekly Email, to find the one word I stand for (Responsibility) and to start to make a claim to this space.

It is a community that can help hold you accountable but also offer you huge support.

Emails from Mark and others to prompt me when my email has been late in going out. Which lets me know not only it is being read (which is a huge confidence boost in the early days of content creation) but also an understanding of how difficult it can be to create something consistent.

Come along on the last Thursday of the month, have great healthy food provided by Oli at Lunch’d, great coffee from Naked, take away new insights and connect with a like-minded community.

If you decide to give it a go I look forward to meeting in 2018 at the Lunch Club or at the You Are The Media Conference in May.”

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