media lounge.

Media Lounge have been a huge supporter of the monthly You Are The Media Lunch Club events. Each month they host the event and make sure that everyone feels comfortable and they have a fantastic space in the centre of Bournemouth.

This website you are looking at was built by them. They specialise in ecommerce and content managed websites. Their whole philosophy is to create a structured approach for businesses, rather than the old transactional approach of just building a website.

daily echo.

The Daily Echo has been a stalwart for news since 1900. It is great to have them as a partner for the conference.

A regional newspaper has far stronger links within a community, rather than thinking that the answer is to always target a demographic group via Facebook. The value of community is when there is a real sense of shared empathy.

Business editor Darren Slade highlights, “In our area we have got a strong start-up scene and a big creative and digital sector, as well as very well-known brands (such as Sunseeker, Lush, Farrow & Ball etc). I have been keen to form connections in those areas, and we launched three regular platforms to that end: Monday Start-Up, Wednesday Boss and Friday Digital.”

the video club.

The video club is here for creators, who want to have control to produce ongoing video content whilst not being at the whim of huge production costs.

The Video Club is by Oscar qualifying filmmakers Treehouse Digital who also provide ongoing support, advice and teaching for you to become an accomplished film producer and to discover a new rhythm when it comes to producing video.

It works like this, The Video Club supply all your equipment, they teach you how to use it. Then you use their special portal to send the clips and one of the editing team work on it and send back to you the finished video ready for sharing on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

This is for those people and businesses who are ready to make that step beyond tired product centred campaigns that have a limited shelf life, but to build an audience via a commitment to video.