What and Why.


Those businesses who are making a success are those who really know what they stand for and then lean into an audience. This also allows additional revenue streams to be created, by focusing on an audience where there is loyalty and association. A company who is persistent with a message and there is an audience who cares, will always win.

The You Are The Media Conference is here to provide direction to truly own a space that is yours. When you own a space, you can build an audience that you have responsibility for.


You Are The Media started as a weekly email in October 2013. The focus has always been to highlight to businesses the importance of ownership and building an audience, who will buy from you.

In May 2016, this became a monthly live blog. People get together, have lunch and the spotlight is put on those businesses who are cultivating their spaces and standing for something. This is also a space to share how things work (from finding your voice to organic SEO) and nurturing a channel ie. website, event, email.

In May 2018, the conference is the next natural step to provide a day of learning and to encourage people to take action and implement within your business.