Taking From Social Media with Tracey Howes

25th June, 2020 • Bournemouth University

Play by social media rules, but take by any means necessary.

Social becomes the place where you communicate your relevance to people who then follow you into your own space, where they can choose to subscribe, buy from you or just get to know you better. 

There has to be a way to steal and bring people back to you. Read this article on how to take from social media and bring it back to you.

In this summer social media workshop with Tracey Howes, we are going to focus on Facebook and Instagram.

Understand how to use Facebook and Instagram to increase sales and build a loyal following.

What will you learn?

— Facebook Ads Manager, Pixels, Ad campaigns, Business Manager – what and how

— Different types of Facebook ads 

— Create a social sales funnel 

— How to increase your following and sell on Instagram

— Understanding analytics to improve your strategy

— Case studies 

— Content creation hacks and scheduling tools

— Practical takeaways 

Tracey Howes is a marketing and social media professional, with 18 years experience in the London market, now based in Bournemouth.

Clients include property, food, lifestyle, technology, hospitality and environmental brands.  Tracey’s goal is to help clients define their competitive edge by creating bespoke strategies which result in increased brand awareness and revenue. 

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Thur 25th June 2020,

9.30 – 12.30


Fusion Building

Bournemouth University

Fern Barrow


BH12 5BB


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