You Are The Media. No…It’s Not Just Another Networking Event. By Becky Willis

Lets share with you what being part of the You Are The Media community means to others.

Becky Willis is client services manager for Cold Banana Studio and here she shares the whole value of creating and sharing experiences.

“The very nature of my role often means I have to go to a lot of events and network. The first networking event I ever went to was filled with older gentlemen in suits. It involved more business cards than I knew what to do with, and giving my elevator pitch, over and over again.

I was even referred to as being “easy on the eye” by a particular sneery participant. You can probably imagine I felt done with this networking malarkey before I’d even begun.

I went to a few more events, and nothing felt worth the time. The same faces, the same small talk, and most importantly, I saw no value in it. All I could take away from these events, was a buzz from the gallons of cheap coffee and the odd bacon roll… oh and the handfuls of business cards.

In April 2016, I had just been to an event co-run by the delightful Mr Masters called “Once Upon A Time” and it allowed us to understand the stories behind brands and businesses.

This really resonated with me. For the first time, I was at an event that talked about why people are in business and not what people can buy from them. This started the momentum for me to connect with people based on their purpose and beliefs, and not just on the services they sell. From there, I came along to one of the very first You Are The Media Lunch Clubs and the rest is history.

As a community, the Lunch Club gang are a diverse bunch, with different specialisms and backgrounds – we have brand and client side, we have start-ups, we have agencies and freelancers, lawyers, creatives, executives. You name them, we’ve got them.

What unites us all is we believe there is a better way to create and grow an audience, and that the quality of that audience is the highest priority. It’s taking an approach to growing business that isn’t about chasing likes and followers, but owning our message and making sure what we have got to say resonates with the people we want to connect with.

Mark has managed to practice what he preaches. He’s built an audience of his own, filled with people who all believe in this approach.

We’ve managed to hear the stories behind some fantastic businesses, whilst getting some serious schooling in how to apply method to our content. Mark’s audience is filled with people who believe in a better way of doing business, and so from here we have networked organically – without having to give an awkward 30 second pitch about what we do and why we’re there.

So here we are, a year and a half on, and our monthly meet-up is still one of my work highlights.

I come away from each session with new insights and approaches of how to develop and market my business, I’ve grown meaningful friendships with awesome people and we get to have a divine lunch from Oli at Lunch’d.

It is a community I’ve become proud to feel part of, plus it beats a handful of business cards and a bacon sarnie any day!”

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