Here is how the day will line-up. Naturally, things may deviate in terms of time, but here is the structure.


9.00 – 9.30 am Arrival At Shelley Theatre  Coffee/Tea & Settling In
Are You Going To Borrow Or Build? Mark Masters (The ID Group)
How to Be Remarkable: The Unusual Yet Proven Path to Marketing Success Andrew & Pete
How You Can Use Empathy To Get Closer To Your Audience Margaret Magnarelli (Morgan Stanley)
11.30 – 11.55 am Breaktime  Back In The Theatre From 11.45am
How We Built An Audience (And A Business) On Content Marketing Doug Kessler (Velocity Partners)
Trust Doesn’t Sit Behind A Logo Jake Moore (ESET)
1.15 – 2.15pm Lunch from Lunchd and Chris Huskins (host of the You Are The Media Podcast) Lunchtime Playground Back For The Afternoon From 2.15pm
 2.15 – 4.30pm The Afternoon Sessions
You Need To Build An Audience Before You Step In With The BIG Sell Janet Murray
Transferring Principles From River Cottage And Beyond To Your Business Steven Lamb (River Cottage)
3.25 – 3.45pm Breaktime Back In The Theatre From 3.45pm
3.45pm to 4.30pm The Firecracker Closer To Sum Up The Whole Day (brought to you by Steele Raymond with a free closing drink) Jon Burkhart (TBC Global)
Round Up & Then The You Are The Media Social