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What You Are The Media Means To Me. By Darren Slade

Lets share what others take from being a part of the You Are The Media community.

Darren Slade is business editor for the Daily Echo and a key outlet for the business community. Lets share his perspective on being a part of You Are The Media.

“Early in 2017, the Echo decided to highlight some of the positive things that were going on within the business world.

Every Monday, our business page would look at the area’s thriving start-up scene.

On Wednesdays, we would include the views of a boss about their business or the state of their industry.

Fridays would be given over to the flourishing digital and creative sector.

Looking back over the year, I am amazed at how many of the stories in these regular slots started at the You Are the Media Lunch Club.

Sometimes, I wrote up what the guest speaker told the lunch club members – for example, lighting designer Michael Grubb became a Wednesday Boss, and Jeremy McDonald of 360i made a Friday Digital lead with his insights into SEO.

But many more stories arose out of the people I met at the events.

I spoke to former Royal Marine commando Steen Stones over coffee to find out about his coaching business Quest Life.

Dan Wale of the Makeshift told me how he and Max Baker set up a dining business without taking a big gamble on a bricks and mortar venue.

Treehouse Digital told how they made their short Halloween movie Treaters and documented its production all the way along.

Rupert Holloway shared the story of how he set up Conker Gin (thereby gifting us the headline ‘I came, I saw, I Conkered’).

And Gordon Fong gave us some insights into the digital and tech world, from someone who had been around since before the Dot-com bubble.

Why did so many stories emerge from You Are The Media?

Partly it was just that so many interesting and talented people go to the events. But I think it’s also that the people there think a lot like journalists.

Journalists’ eyes tend to glaze over at any event where people talk a lot about strategy and branding, but You Are The Media is not that kind of event.

Instead, Mark Masters encourages people to think about the human story behind what they do, and what’s unique about their ventures. He encourages people to consider why they’re in business  in the first place.

That kind of thinking creates compelling stories of the kind that journalists – and, more importantly, their readers – enjoy hearing.” 

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