What Being Part Of You Are The Media Means To Me. By Fleur Cook.

Lets look at what being part of the You Are The Media community means to others.

Fleur Cook won the Rising Star Award at the You Are The Media Annual Awards. She is marketing manager for Rock Recruitment. Lets share Fleur’s perspective.


“After returning to Bournemouth after working in other towns and cities, I thought, here we go again another scene that I’ll slowly have to nestle my way into!

Having done this in the past, as bad as it sounds, it filled me with dread… they can be so boring never mind overwhelming and nerve racking!

You Are The Media Lunch Club was one of the first networking events I went to in the local area. It is safe to say I was relieved.

“People are normal here?!”  I bellowed as I came back into the office afterwards. It is not unusual for us to shout and scream at Rock, we’re an excitable bunch.

I felt like I’d been to a live Jonathan Ross show. The couch conversations, the laughs and how everyone gets pulled into discussions because it’s all about showcasing people. We’re all doing great things.

So the next time, more people from my team came, and they had the same experience, a group of lovely, knowledge people that are all quite happy to talk to you regardless of what you do. As you all very well know, the recruitment industry is not loved, we know that. That did not matter at You Are The Media, you’re just accepted as someone that’s interested in other local businesses, with a thirst for knowledge!

I think this has set a bar for me now, I have this expectation whenever I go networking for everyone to be as open and willing to share ideas for the greater good.

Right now, that isn’t the case. Having recently listened to the You Are The Media Podcast with guest Andrew Davis (which you need to listen to click here!) I think he nailed everything I’m trying to encompass here, why do we look to the bigger cities and towns for expertise when we have it all here?

I think You Are The Media is making the first step towards ‘Claiming Our Space’, taking our guards down to work together not against each other and be knowns of the champions of content marketing and I also collaboration. So as a part of this community, I hope others around Bournemouth can lead by example and be part of this movement.

After what’s been a whirlwind year for me, coming straight in to organise the Rock Star Awards, having a community like this who offered so much support, has made a massive amount of difference to my development and my confidence.

So, now looking to the New Year for You Are The Media just fills me with joy! A conference with speakers from across the globe, a bundle of lunch clubs and another fantastically weird awards show.

It is more than just an hour every month, we are a talent pool that all talk and interact with each other. The bigger and collaborative this becomes, the better, we’re on our way to being the best agency around?! (now there’s an idea!)

If networking isn’t your thing then come along and be part of the club and one day you may even bear witness to Gordon Fong’s secret brandy and rum stash at The Larderhouse!

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