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What Being A Part Of You Are The Media Means To Me. By Jo O’Connell.

Lets share what being a part of the You Are The Media community means to others.

Jo O’Connell is owner of JellyRock, a marketing and PR company. Jo is also an award winner from the 2017 You Are The Media Annual Awards.

What does being a part of the You Are The Media community mean to Jo?

“Content marketing comes in many forms – whether that is blogging, writing newsletters, video content, events or social media. It is the one thing everyone knows they need to be doing regularly for their business.

However, it is a pressure that everyone feels.

So what do you do?

You can read countless online articles and books on why you should be blogging; how to create articles people will read, top tips on blogging for SEO etc. You sign up to expert’s e-newsletters and your inbox gets full up of all the things you need to read.

You can overwhelm yourself with information and you feel worse for it.

Alternatively, you can stuff all that and be part of the You Are the Media community.

Once a month you can spend an enjoyable lunchtime eating good food and drinking great coffee, chatting to people with fascinating approaches to business (I really do mean this – we have some formidable companies in our midst). You get to listen to people who are trying new things and creating content with a purpose.

Mark is excellent at curating interesting speakers; not people trying to flog your books or courses, but people just like you who are pioneering new ideas on how to build a loyal audience – some things work, others fail – and you can learn from them. 

Plus, it is bullshit-free networking. There are no business cards being thrust at you. Just real relationships being formed naturally on an ongoing basis.

Each month you will come away with a list of tangible actions you can try. No-nonsense stuff that’s really achievable.

Try it. You’ll like it.”


  1. *gasp* potty-mouth!

    Well said Jo. Hit the nail on the head. And whether it’s your first time attending the lunch or tenth time, everyone makes you feel welcome.

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