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2013 graduation… What’s next?

Here’s some interesting insights from Marketing student, Avni who is currently on work placement with the ID Group.

You are part of the digital generation, is this a selling point?

Being part of a generation that excels in digital technology and communications has both positives and flaws. Being digitally aware of your surroundings can now be seen as a selling point to companies to show that you are in tune with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. However, with such advancements in technology, people seem to forget the human aspect. Hiding behind technology restricts our ability to effectively deal with face-to-face communication which is a necessity everyday.

How different is the commercial world to what you learn at university?

Nothing beats hands on experience, dealing with customers on a daily basis. Of course, it is important to learn theory and the foundations of what you are doing but the important lesson is to stay up to date. There are theories that we are told to know in depth that date back, yet they do not hold the same value due to such changes in societal attitudes. The most valuable lesson to learn is exposure to the real world and understanding reactions, complications and achievements.

Are you ready to embrace the commercial world or are you filled with fear due to the recession?

I’ve learnt that change is the only thing that remains constant. Views, opinions and daily occurrences never stay the same. As a student, I’ve seen this first hand, by being on both sides of the table. I’ve sat in lectures taking notes to prepare myself for exams and presentations and now I’m carrying out my placement in the commercial world as part of a company that shows me the real ‘ins and outs’ of different industries.

So what does the future hold? Are you anxious, filling with nerves or exciting to see what’s next?

I am excited to see what’s out there, but the way that the economic climate currently stands, I am hesitant towards instant results. Any graduate will have to work three times harder to show they have the edge to get a well paid position at a company. I choose however to remain optimistic that things will change and better opportunities will rise in the coming years that allows people to excel and show to be an asset to any company.

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