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5 Ways To Add More Value To Your Audience Than Ever Before

Business success today is based on adding far more value than ever before. It’s there if we make the most of it.

The interesting thing is that the world now allows us to be anything that we want to be; from the writer; to the designer; to the videographer; to the printer. What this means is that for the first time in our lifetime, we all have the opportunity and power to decide what the next step is, how it’s produced and how it’s delivered.

If You Don’t Do It, Someone Else Will

By taking all these actions on board enables us to make connections, build a dialogue with our audiences and to make something happen. It is down to us to decide what to do next, because if we don’t someone else surely will.

That is exactly the point, with a breadth of ways to target our audiences it becomes far more interesting using a variety of platforms than just sticking to sending emails to prospective customers and hoping for the best.

Here are five really effective ways to add more value in terms of producing new work, connecting, asking, learning, spreading and repeating.

1) Take On A Project Personal To Your Business

If there is an area of expertise that you stand for, there are ways to create your own project and tie in with the overall business. Remember the overall aim is to create something that people will engage with. It is about producing work that matters to the audience that you choose. For instance, The ID Group have an up and coming project that focuses on local business owners and what advice would they give to their younger selves starting their own business. It is intended to be used as a resource for anyone starting their own business.

2) Create A ‘White Paper’ (Or Guide)

From an industry topic related to your business, you can produce powerful insights aimed at providing information by delivering market data that is far more motivational than product data. Whoever provides their audience with the best information will always stand head and shoulders above the company who just wants to sell their services. It’s also a good idea to share what you have created on SlideShare.

3) Newsletters

Banish the one page enewsletter and bombarding everyone with as much text crammed onto a page, it’s time to make the most of the print options that are available. Keep to the 80/20 rule, with 80% aimed at providing value to the reader and the 20% to allow a bit of promotion for your business (but not too much self congratulation).

4) Video

If you have the opportunity to talk to an audience on a topic that you believe in and want to share, film the presentation. The best position is to devote yourself to helping others succeed and to share what you believe in. Once the video is produced (and uploaded to YouTube), you then have the platforms to share and interact with (from LinkedIn to Twitter). If the whole aim is to inform and educate you build rapport as opposed to breaking rapport by selling.

5) Invite Others To Be Part Of Your Brand

Using your website as a platform for others to write and contribute to a particular topic, helps present you as the authority in your areas of expertise, by a collective group of people sharing ideas and commenting in one central place ie. your site/blog. If the information produced is of value, it automatically repositions you in the mind of the prospect as much more of an expert than all your competitors, isn’t this a great place to be?

To Sum Up

The secret to all the points made is to produce content that can target audiences over a variety of tactics (and testing what works for you). In a new era of empowered prospects and customers it is vital to create quality content that is relevant and provides value.


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