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Loyalty deserves reward.

Membership at £50 per year gives you 20% off every single YATM event.

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By being a member, it doesn’t mean paying a large subscription fee every month, it means saving money.

Imagine a Railcard, where the more trips you make, the greater the savings and pays for the initial cost.

It is a one off cost that lasts for 12 months.

Being loyal to You Are The Media activity, let’s effectively freeze what has been in place since 2016 for the events side.

If you are a business with a team, you only need to purchase once and the loyalty discount can be used for any member of staff.

When you become a loyalty member (for £50), this means you save 20% off every single You Are The Media event. So this means, a saving on the YATM Lunch Clubs, the YATM Conference and every YATM Workshop.

When you buy your loyalty membership, this means that:

Every You Are The Media Lunch Club is £20 not £25 (plan to have back during 2021)

The You Are The Media Month Of Learning is £200 not £250

Loyalty deserves to be rewarded.

Buy your loyalty membership for £50.


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