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Become The Business Binge Watch


We are told that our attention spans are dwindling. However if people tune into what you create on a consistent basis, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

It is always good to start off painting a picture highlighting the end of time is approaching and the robots are going to take over.

We acknowledge that smartphones have become the equivalent of an implanted handset to our bodies. Microsoft research suggests that we are losing attention. The human brain concentration span in 2015 has fallen to 8 seconds, compared to 12 seconds back in 2000. In comparison, a goldfish has nine seconds.

Are we becoming less immersed in what others are trying to say and becoming more comfortable swiping left or right to quickly bring on the next course?

Just More Stuff To Tune Out Of

The other side of the coin is that we are not losing our levels of concentration; we are just surrounded by more noise and being selective with what resonates with us.

When something connects and means something, we are interested, if it doesn’t, it is spam. If this is the case then depreciating attention spans does not enter the vocabulary.

We are consuming more than ever and when we enjoy, we want more.

Collins English Dictionary has selected ‘binge watching’ as the 2015 word of the year. A word that offers a snapshot to how the English language is evolving (much like ourselves).

Here is the dictionary definition of ‘binge watching’:

“To watch a large number of television programmes (especially all the shows from one series) in succession.”

See, when something strikes a chord with you, you come back for more and you become comfortable going back to the same place.

So, what does this mean in relation to your business and your content efforts?

About Crafting Meaning

You can maintain the attention of others if you think beyond accepting that the world needs more content, but to craft meaning into someone else’s life within the media you control.

What you stand for as a business can add value to someone else. It is far more compelling to have a role to provide ongoing support and the provision of knowledge, rather than a transactional sell.

According to Mention, 77% of brand conversations on social media are people looking for advice, information or help. It is the role of your business to capture attention, by becoming more valuable than someone else.

However, for many businesses operating as though we are still within the 20th century is still prevalent. Here is an example from LinkedIn on Monday (23rd November) and using spaces to roll back the years of putting the foot in the door because it’s not going to cost anything and say ‘do you need our great service?’ The response (below) related to an image of a developer sharing how a new property development was progressing.

Thanks to Ryan Woolfenden for pointing me in this direction, I had to ‘chip in’ and then the response after me proved the noise.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 21.07.41

The Business Binge Watch

What can you do to keep someone else’s attention span longer than the newly embraced eight seconds and become the equivalent of the business binge watch?

The business binge watch I define as:

“To continually come back to a company media channel of preference on an ongoing basis.”

What are some of the traits that you need to have, so that others come back on a consistent basis. Lets have a look at what you need to consider.


You Are There For Week One & Your Series Doesn’t End

Content creation and distribution cannot be part of a campaign, in the words of Coca Cola their content goal is to, ‘provoke conversations then act and react to the conversations 365 days a year.’

You have to accept your content responsibility isn’t the Only Fools & Horses Christmas Special, but to be present with new episodes and the evergreen content that is on Gold every other day. From blog, to email to social distribution, you have to have the content mentality of The Archers (broadcasting since 1951) and not two seasons of Twin Peaks.


The Story Is Clear From The Outset

For anyone to come back to your space where you content resides, they have to be clear from the outset what it is your business represents.

Everything that you create has to be easy for an audience to interpret and help them make a decision, notably to come back for more and at some point to make that commitment to work with you.

Can I just say that a content approach should not be seen as this altruistic approach to relentlessly express your passion, this ends up just becoming writing and serving no purpose to forward your business.


Choose Your Channel For People To Come To

For any audience to follow your message, you have to become comfortable with a channel and become great at it.

In the recent 2016 Content Marketing Institute/Marketing Profs content marketing trends (North America), the average company uses 13 different marketing tactics, from social media to webinars. This means that the majority of businesses take a mindset where they have to be in as many places as possible, but not necessarily become consistent in every space.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 20.30.55

For your audience to come back to you again and again, you have to create a platform strategy where you can build your audience around your centre of gravity (such as your blog, or your podcast, or your video channel).

Once you have built your audience in the preferred channel, then there is the opportunity to think about the spin-off series (see below).


Spin Offs Can Be Created

If an audience could be loyal for Cheers, then their viewers moved over for the spin-off Frasier. Over 80 million US viewers watched the last ever episode of Cheers whereas 25 million viewers watched the last episode of Frasier. A big difference in viewers, but an idea to create a related ‘product’ resulted in an appreciative audience.

Put this in perspective of your business, your spin off could become something that you have never done but relates to you and what your business stands for. You have to look beyond the same space and taking too much comfort from the likes of Hubspot who tell you that ’B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who do not.’ You have to look at other platforms where you can build a voice and for others to consumer consistently in a variety of places.

On a personal level, my spin off for 2016 would be a tabloid sized newspaper. Will I achieve it? I’ll keep you posted.

Lets Round Up

Every point that you read is intended to help your audience make a decision of some kind, whether that is to subscribe or to become a customer, it all relates to becoming a more compelling business in the eyes of someone else.

Content marketing is about business and become an enabler to build a longer-term relationship. It has to be longer than a short run series or a putting the entire budget in one feature length episode. The series winners will be those who can keep the attention of others on a consistent basis and embrace an effort of routine and familiarity where your audience becomes comfortable with you (with their slippers on).

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