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8 Ways You & Your Brand Are Crowned The King (or Queen) Of Mediocrity

Why bother looking to build your position in your marketplace and be seen as the leader, when it’s far easier to be like everyone else.

According to the Business Population Estimates (BPE) there were an estimated 4.8 million private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2012, the highest estimate since 2000. Basically, there are more of us looking for customers and finding our rightful position in the commercial world.

Lets put that to one side and say ‘balls’ to championing integrity and to be seen as the only solution to your audience’s problem by marketing AT people, not WITH them. Here are our 8 ways to be the King (or Queen) of mediocrity.

  • Tell Everyone How Good You Are

Branding is all about emotion, this is what converts prospects into customers. To be a sure fire ‘turn off’ use every channel possible to shout out how brilliant you are (Twitter is a great channel for this for a one way message). Rather than focus on your customers and target audience, it’s all about you.

  •  Use Everyone’s In-Box To Sell

To stay in the front of your audience, using email marketing can be a fantastic tool for them to participate and to look forward too. However, a ‘Happy Xmas’ message is a great ‘value for money’ tactic, but does not make it an invitation to sell something. The worst case of this is meeting someone at a networking event and once cards are exchanged, this becomes an obligation for an in-box to be bombarded frequently with sales messages.

  •  That Business Card Serves No Purpose

From a business card that has every piece of contact detail on just one side to a card that is in a tiny font that has every area of skill a business represents, does not create a perception of a credible brand. The card represents the identity of a company and the image you portray. Then again, to be the King (or Queen) of mediocrity, it’s far easier to look exactly the same as everyone else on a 400gsm card.

  •  Sell First, Then Think About Value

Focusing purely on the sale, at least gives a focus to your actions. Putting any ounce of value and rapport into building relationships and trust on the backburner, can position you as the true ruler of mediocrity.

  •  Ignore Your Web Presence

The new website is up and running, it looks all shiny and new, job done. To create a site that has no recognisable updates, limits any way to communicate the essence of your brand. The true leader of mediocrity, ensures that even if there is a news area to update, the last article was included back in 2011, when Pineapple Dance Studio had its place on TV.

  •  Not Being Visible

Today’s commercial world presents a host of channels to communicate. Yesterday’s round of golf, is today’s Twitter exchange. The world of online is now humanised where prospects can be nurtured and dialogues built. The once a month networking commitment has now changed where enquiries are happening in new places. The King (or Queen) of mediocrity will keep to the tried and tested ways, with the ‘same old, same old.’

  •  Don’t Stand For Anything

The leader of mediocrity will go with the flow and not stand for anything that sets them apart from the rest of the competition. A lack of opinion means a limited voice to present, stand up and be recognised for.

  •  The Same Old Content

If the company website and any printed collateral has an overall message of ‘why we have the greatest ‘insert product description’ in the world,’ then the crown is well and truly in position. To steer away from anything that is compelling, informative and relevant to build a conversation positions a company as having no identifiable traits where a focus is on demonstrating expertise and personality.


The antidote to being mediocre is to be transparent and authentic in everything that your brand represents. Stand up for being individual and the benefits that your product brings to the marketplace. Always look to build a rapport and credibility to what you offer. Never let that mediocrity crown sit comfortably with you.


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