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2014 Is About Brand Subscribers

Subscribers. Design & Content Marketing The ID Group, Bournemouth

The new way of working is not about finding customers but having subscribers to our brands where we solve problems.

The mindset in the next few years is going to be about changing buying habits. Customers will no longer buy our products and services, but buy our approach to making lives easier. Forget about broadcasting how good your business is on the social media platforms because no one is listening, but people pay attention when you can build conversation as a marketing tool.

The choices to buy are forever increasing, Google highlighted, in their Zero Moment Of Truth study, that in 2010 there were 5.3 choices before making a purchase decision in 2011 this had increased to 10.4 choices before final decision. What we need to achieve to keep customers on our side is to continually engage with them.

We now have the platforms available to keep a dialogue ongoing throughout the customer life cycle. This can be achieved by getting others to subscribe to our brand.

When others subscribe to your brand you have the opportunity to build loyalty as the flow of information is intended to help, support and above else be interesting to your audience. The biggest investment is not in the infrastructure to set this up, but a commitment to serve.

To have subscribers to your brand means that partnerships can be formed to help build your audience and you as an influencer. This is now more achievable as technology is encouraging real time marketing, where we can produce new content and share on a daily basis (if we chose).

When we have enthused brand subscribers this is because our mindset has changed to serving audience needs first before our own.

The final proof is clear when we see others coming to visit our websites on a regular basis and helps build our role as an influencer as opposed to a supplier in a crowded marketplace.

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