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Brands of Summer, summertime

With the thoughts of beer gardens, light evenings and disposable bar-b-ques a long way away, lets look at the brands that are iconic with the summer and a long way from looking at car dash-boards saying -5.

1)   Walls Ice Cream – It would be easy saying Mr. Softee, but queuing up and having a range of colours and bubble like fonts fixed to the side of the wall telling you that a Cornetto, Twister, Solero or Mini Milk needs your attention is so much more engaging.

2)   Flip-flops – it doesn’t matter if the rubber bit hurts between your middle toe, if it has a Birkenstock, Oakley or Skechers logo, it’s ok!

3)   Sun Cream – Whilst bottles of sun cream are the last thing to get at the airport and if you can save heavily in Wilko, who cares about brand loyalty! Although according to Which, Nivea and Hawaiian Tropic have more protection than the rest.

4)    Pimms – it has that element of style and cool about it, but when seeing the picture of a pitcher outside a Wetherspoon’s it looses it’s appeal slightly.

5)   Amusement Parks – nothing beats a sunny day with the family and a world of colour as far as the eye can see, whilst getting reacquainted with Jive Bunny and The Venga Boys as you walk.

6)   The National Trust – sunny days mean discovering historic houses, coastlines, forests, castles and nature reserves. They may only have relevance for a few months of the year to most of us, but a world of discovery.

It may seem a long way off, but when the first sign of summer arrives, I am sure we will all embrace with open arm and welcome an old friend.

If there is anything that we’ve missed, what are the icons of summer that mean something to you?

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