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Build A Subscribed & Loyal Audience. With Tim Poulton

You can build a subscribed audience based on the experiences you have made.

Tarry and Tim Poulton set up PCOS Diet Support when Tarryn was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a complex hormonal condition, affecting up to around 1 in every 10 women.

Based on their experience and wanting to share their own journey, this helped them build a community where people could relate and find a deeper connection. By creating courses and a learning format, Tarryn is now recognised as a trusted source when it comes to this condition.

Tarryn and Tim will share how they have done it at the You Are The Media Conference on May 24th in Bournemouth.

In this show, I chat to Tim about:

– The origins of the company
– At what point did Tim and Tarryn think, “there are people here we can reach out to?”
– How did the process start to build this into a commercial venture ie. did you already have a database of subscribers, how did you build subscribers?
– Is an understanding of subject matter key for anyone to build an audience and make a profitable return?
– Does a community mean deeper connections?
– What are your key measurement tools ie. subscribers, subscribers to sign ups?
– Is connecting with an audience how people Tarryn as trustworthy?
– What tips would Tim give someone if they wanted to start a subscription based approach to their business?

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Enjoy the show

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