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Business 2012 – blog feed

It certainly has caused a buzz over the past few months with a great online campaign promoting the exhibition of the year to ‘take your business forward’. With a host of reputable speakers and seminars, surely this was an opportunity that couldn’t be missed and with the added bonus of being FREE, one that the organisers should be given full credit for organising and being in partnership with some noted brands, added that extra credence.

However, with feedback over the opening day causing a mix of frustration and disappointment, could it be a day out of the office that wasn’t productive?

“VIP reception with #richardbranson a complete disappointment £94 two glasses wine & richard on stage 2mins of ‘thank you’!”

“No info of any kind, even asked repeatedly, got clueless shrugs from staff #business2012

“Today I’m at #Business2012 in the O2. So far I have learnt quite a lot about starting business, getting a mentor, dos and dont’s on websites”

So, with enthusiasm and belief that the initial ‘teething problems’ could be rectified, how did the closing day bring an end to an event that certainly has the promise for a successful future initiative?

Keep posted to this page and we’ll give updates throughout the day. It’ll be just like you’re there, but someone else is painting the picture for you and you won’t be stung by the lunchtime panini and coffee….

9.40 – It feels like the last day of Glastonbury, a quiet start with not many people at the main stage, but when you know the headliner is on (Alan Sugar at 5.25pm) you know it will be packed.

10.30 – This is what registration looks like…slowly getting busy



10.35 – Let’s see what the USA Speaker room has to offer (from JT Foxx). Rooms slowly filling up and have to say staff do help and seem to be well rehearsed now




11.00 – Tip: to get the most out of this, don’t spend ages walking round the exhibition hall, get to the Seminar Breakout Rooms. A wealth of knowledge is everywhere. Listening to Raymond Aaron, great speaker!

11.45 – Ok, reading reaction from the first day it was a bit underwhelming. But was that because it was a weekend/Mother’s Day? Now we’re into the working week, it does feels like you’re contributing to your business (if it has the capability to trigger an action). It’s the age old saying ‘you get out what you put in.’

12.00 – A bit of Botty, seminar room is nearly full

12.25 – Surprising how few people use Pay Per Click (on a show of hands in the seminar room)

12.40 – Nigel Botterill acknowledges there have been challenges/problems with the event. Key phrase used was ‘attention to detail.’ Interesting statement for an event focusing on better business practice.

14.55 – The 02 is an impressive building. Keeping things business related and the power of this particular brand, can anyone remember the name before The 02?

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