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Show 70 – The Business Purpose


The first show from our Growth Programme starts….NOW. The business purpose kicks off our PREPARATION/STRATEGY section.

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Lets start by going beyond the products you make or the services that you provide.

The Business Purpose

This is all about having a greater cause that goes way beyond what you do as a business. It is what connects you to your business with the aim to position you as a trusted sources for others that instils trust and helps you build a better and stronger customer base.

Attitude will always trump collecting money.

This is about curating a philosophy that can build momentum and it will always come back to the core of what your business represents.

Understanding your business purpose is the bridge between what you do and connecting with others who have shared needs and interests. This is all about creating an objective for others to participate.

Come and have a listen as we start from the very beginning with your Growth Schedule.

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