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Capturing the brand essence – Imagery as an asset

An image helps us define a concept or an idea. The plethora of image library sites out there help us all to elaborate an idea, but if you could capture an image that is bespoke to you or your product, surely that’s worth it’s weight in gold?

The right image is such a powerful tool as it transcends copy and speech. Here are key reasons for why we believe that investing in some great photography can define your brand message.

1)    It communicates a message and more specifically a company’s vision. An image helps to persuade and build a perception of the overall company/brand.

2)    If the image highlights the product that you’re focusing on i.e. maybe even a staff member or team member in branded uniform, helps to build credibility.

3)    An image helps evoke an emotion. How do you want your brand to be seen, as vibrant, as fun, as no-nonsense, as professional, as clean? These all help in connecting with your audience and defining a memorable style.

4)    Images help to tell a story. If time is invested within a location i.e. company premises, it helps define a ‘day in the life’ and for the end consumer to understand the company ethos.

5)    Whilst free images can never be dismissed, a shoot results in photography that is unique to a company and available to no one else.

6)    A resource of photography helps generate a library that can be used across a variety of messages. We say, ‘make the most of everything you have.’ From using across printed and online formats to using for one-off promotions, a defined set-list helps build a bank of images that can be used for a number of years.

7)    Bespoke imagery ensures consistency. Capturing a style that is then introduced throughout all communications helps define the brand image. Do you want to see people conversing to capture the element of professional, committed service? Do the brand colours need to be evident?

8)    Imagery can help to differentiate from other businesses in the same sector. Whilst everyone has access to image libraries, a collection of exclusive images can ensures no one else can replicate.

An initial investment in identifying exactly what is required can help shape and ensure longevity of a brand message. Get it right and you have an asset that can be used over a number of years.

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