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Helping businesses with big ideas bridge the gap between ambition and experience

Cut out the middleman and go direct to your audience.

The Goal

Embrace YATM’s proven approaches and strategies for your business. Crafted over a decade, we’ve mastered the art of building community and carving your own unique space.

Benefit from YATM’s expertise, distilled into actionable products tailored specifically for you. We’ve honed our methods in full view, and now it’s your turn to implement and propel your business and projects to new heights.

The YATM consulting products are:

  • Build Your Beloved Community

  • Start Your Newsletter & Grow Your Audience

  • Turn Your Company Into Confident Thought Leaders

  • Create Successful In-Person Events People Attend (& Love)

What we’ll do

You Are The Media Works brings the implementation to your business

Expertise delivered

Scheduled programmes

Momentum to progress

Frameworks implemented

Audience growth

Build Your Community

Goal – Empower B2B companies with a vibrant community-based marketing approach. Unite people around shared values, foster support, and gain a lasting impact.

Proof – YATM today is a thriving global community that began from scratch in 2013. Learn what it takes to create a sustainable, inclusive, and highly respected community within your own business.

Cost – Two month programme (£10k + VAT)


Enabling a community first approach for your business

Interview teams and current audience

Analyse markets and audience

Recognise your belief system

Recommendations for community values

Produce content and platform plan

Share the things you don’t know

Recommendations to become media self sufficient

Grow Your Newsletter

Goal – Build your valuable newsletter and grow a subscribed audience. You direct your message to its targeted distribution. It’s time to cut out the middleman, take control and attract people directly to you, where you become the media. Grow your reputation and form an engaged audience.

Proof – The weekly YATM newsletter is every Thursday. Over the course of a decade, the well has never run dry, ideas have continually flowed and has become a valuable part of people’s week.

CostThree month programme (£12k + VAT)

Discover what you cannot stop

Content strategy for growing your audience

Newsletter styles to adopt

Landing page set up

Distribution tactics and promotion

Editorial plan for and continuous collation

Subscriber growth

Recommendations to become media self sufficient

Launch and 100% organic growth

Turn Your Company Into Thought Leaders

Goal – Empower the voices within your company and provide them a platform to share their unique perspectives, leaving a lasting imprint on your industry.

Foster collective thought leadership that goes beyond individual contributions, but amplifying the influence of your entire organisation.

Proof – Working with businesses has helped build owners and team members into trusted industry voices.

CostSix week programme (£7k + VAT)

Knowing the people you want to reach

Know your personality, values and aim

Clarity on what you stand for

Help build confidence in your team

Having a mission statement for everything you are about to do

LinkedIn training

A content plan to work to for the next 12 months

Create Successful In-Person Events

Goal – Create an unforgettable curated event that not only captivates attendees but also conveys huge value for them, leaving them eagerly anticipating each occasion you deliver.

Proof – Since May 2016, YATM has been the driving force behind a range of dynamic live events.

From informal yet informative lunchtime gatherings to annual occasions with over 200 attendees, we possess the expertise to ensure not only commitment but also a truly enjoyable experience for all.

CostFour week programme (£5k + VAT)

Keeping away from formulaic delivery and the hook to attend

Themes to progress (and presenter consideration)

Narrative around the event

Event promotion

Sponsorships and partnerships

Encouraging your audience to join in and promote

Following up and planning the next event

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