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The Content Marketing MOT – The Evolution Of The Customer

Content Marketing MOT

It is clear that today represents acknowledging change or drifting into business obscurity.

The Content Marketing MOT is devised to help small businesses adjust, action and grow, by checking where they are today to meet the tough standards set by customers and prospective customers.

We can’t think we can communicate and grow our businesses in a way that we did a few years ago. The ‘lets do a mail drop’ is just an expense of printing and putting a message in front of strangers who have no affiliation with who you are and what you represent.

One thing will never change for every business. We still want people to buy our products and services and then tell other people. However, the channels to be present and differentiate from the competition have exploded.


Time To Take Full Responsibility

The key is not just solving problems for customers, but to take full ownership of the media you create, curate and distribute.

The focus today is well and truly with the customer, but the customer has become more sceptical. We have all been lied to by banks, governments and businesses making outlandish claims in the hope that we can be swayed. Trust does not come easy anymore.

Advertising messages are basically companies looking to be the things that they are currently not.

The annual Edelman Global Trust Barometer for 2015, highlights within the UK the breakdown of trust amongst people.


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However, the shift in media consumption is evident (within the Trust Barometer). 64% of people trusted online search engines for general news and information over traditional media (noted as 62%). People are also becoming more trusting of social media platforms. 59% trust these channels (11% increase from previous 12 month survey).

So, what does this mean? People trust information that is relevant to them and from sources that are credible. It doesn’t have to be from the established media publishers, it can be from small businesses that have adapted their way of thinking to serve an audience and be of greater value than someone else.


The Source Of Change

This is what companies are now looking to pursue by creating ongoing content that is effectively walking in someone else’s shoes. This is by understanding what their audience wants in order to become a trusted source.

We have moved from product detail (with it’s roots in the 50s and 60s), to introducing a narrative (from the 70s and 80s), to the focus on ‘the brand’ (90s and 00s). Today represents the ability to build momentum and create a habit where an audience can (over time) make a connection to your business as the only choice. The end result is a profitable return.

However, this is where the problem lies for many businesses. The momentum, habit and relevance is not embraced by everyone (which is where the opportunity lies, what a great place to be where others aren’t!).

Dabbling and a lack of commitment becomes an adopted approach by many. When a commitment is made, a relationship deepens.

It is time for businesses to use the media they control to help build trust, credibility and positive association. Not just for the short term but becomes imbued within a company culture. This is not about blogging, but creating and using media channels that to help build your customer base. You can become the authority for what your prospective customers want, right now.


Find It, Get Good At It

How do you get people to buy into you as a business that stands for something?

It is the same as any relationship, it takes time to work and build. If you are not consistent, you are not credible.


Your opportunity today is to present a consistent message and image (this goes beyond spending money on the company rebrand) across all channels that are available to the consumer. The objective is simple, pick your space and become good at it.

A consistent message of credibility comes down to a continuous approach of understanding the role you play within a marketplace that is different than everyone else. It doesn’t mean self-imposed pressure to produce as much as possible and turn into a robot, but to create less and be more meaningful to others.

It takes time to grow. What if you could recognise the steps that it takes and to make a commitment. One that works for you and your business, rather than being overawed with messages dictating what you need to do and not having any step by step guidance.


How Will The Content Marketing MOT Work For You?

If you are ready, this is something that we are going to do together.

The Content Marketing MOT is a step by step process for you to bring in where you are on your content journey (even if you are just beginning, that’s ok), fine tune your approach and make you the trusted resource for your industry.

This is targeted at small businesses and individuals who want to take control and find that momentum. The Content Marketing MOT is intended to generate habit within those who participate.

Whether you are just starting out or currently investing time, but don’t have a clear structure to where this can take you, this three month programme, is here to educate, advise and provide a clear framework.

The Content MOT is devised of five tiers of progress where each category has defined traits (emerging, developing, progressing extended, self-evolving).

Within each category, there are key areas of definition (media, measurement, profile and self study). As your journey progresses, the areas of definition are still the same, but new benchmarks develop.

As your connection gets deeper with your audience, you become established within your category and look to the future structure.

Have a look at the Content Marketing MOT guide that explains the categories and key areas in more detail.

The Content Marketing MOT from Mark Masters

Click the link for the The Content Marketing MOT PDF


Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Media – Are you present? Are you consistent with your message? Do you know what you stand for? Do you promote a sharing mindset?

Measurement – Is measurement driven just by traffic alone? How do you measure success? What works/what doesn’t work?

Profile – Do you have a goal that is beyond collecting money? Do you use the channels that are available to you?

Self Study – How do you stay knowledgeable? Are you inquisitive? How do you learn?


Interested? So, When Does This Start?

The first 2016 enrolment is to start week commencing 15th February.

The focus will be within the first two categories (emerging and developing) and to help businesses become established with an approach that they can build on and grow.

This is how we are going to do it:

  1. two, 150-minute workshop training sessions (based in Bournemouth). We come together each month and discuss the value of working to a framework and how it can help you
  2. focused tasks. The only way this can work is if you make action.
  3. a one to one coaching session with myself (either via Skype or we meet up)


The Running Order

MONTH 1) Face to face discussion and workshop to tackle issues raised in your Content Marketing MOT and targeted to what you want to focus on.

Creating actions that move you foreword (set focused tasks linked to your actions to move foreword)

MONTH 2) Further face to face discussion and training session to reflect and refine your approach, to move you forward

Supported focused tasks

MONTH 3) One to one discussion and evaluation session


How Much Is It?

I want this to be accessible to everyone and where the commitment is on both sides ie. I provide the structure and guidance, you come with a mindset to grow and be committed.

The biggest investment is your time to learn, action and apply.

To keep you focused throughout the year, there is also the Marketing Homebrew podcast as your weekly coach (and completely free every Friday). There is a clear framework for this year’s shows and Ian Rhodes and myself have devised a 48-week plan for businesses to focus on when it comes to being more effective with their marketing. You can work with this alongside your own progress (we are here for you!).

The total cost is £190 + VAT

To help spread the costs, £120 + VAT for the first month and £70 + VAT before the start of month three.


What Now

All you need to do is send your name and email address and I’ll get back to you with how everything works. If you are looking to become a better marketer in 2016 and take on board a content marketing approach, lets do this together.

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