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Content Marketing & It’s Link To The Evolution Of Dating

Dating and content marketing. The ID Group

The increasing relevance of a business model focused on content creation, design and distribution is a significant transition from product driven marketing.

To make things simpler, during the early days of dating to the more comfortable relationships we eventually fit into, we make a transition from one that is vying for attention to one that is relaxed with the personalities that we represent.

The Connection With Dating (My Early Years)

During my earlier days of dating, lets say starting from University, that represented a significant amount of freedom to one that eventually became more grounded, in terms of trying to build a career in the real world, the quest to find a suitable partner can be said to fixed in the principals of product marketing.

With each date, the focus was always on the ‘sell’ in terms of trying to look the part, the bravado that goes with it and the heavy promotion of myself. As each date moved from one person to the other, the repetition and a term that we’re now becoming more familiar with, that of automation, was the norm (in terms of the same old stories being told, the same best shirt for the ‘first date’ and a short term view).

The jostling for attention and the bribes (such as the impromptu gifts delivered to a girlfriend’s workplace) is the same way to those in the commercial world who focus on product marketing and the pleas to friend, follow and join by any means necessary from the social media competitions to the ‘become the best at x in 12 steps’ guide. The whole focus was one sided and a way to dictate an intention.

The Connection With Dating (The ‘At Ease’ Years)

As the years progress, what becomes evident is a more emotional connection where the interests are not wholly focused on being seen as more attractive than the rest, but to become more confident in oneself. I also became more comfortable with what I represented as an individual, in terms of the interests that I had, rather than jumping on bandwagons and began to connect with the opposite sex in a more meaningful way. This takes a shift in the way that we look at the world from one that looks to dictate how brilliant we are, to one that has more humility and the interests of others.

The more I began to relate with a person that moved onto a second, third and further dates, the more engaging conversations (stories) were shared. The better emotional connection we all make encourages a more relaxed relationship to grow.

No one wants to date and build a relationship with someone who has one compelling story to tell ie. talk about themselves and the main source of interest is what they’ve achieved. What works is the emotional connections we make and the relationships we build based on understanding and listening.

The Link Between Content Marketing & The Dating World

This is what brings us back to the world of content marketing. If the old way of marketing was based on broadcasting your own merits and telling everyone that you are the best choice in a world of similar products or services, the future is about being influential to others by proving that you are the best choice.

For any relationship to be a success and for a content marketing approach to be profitable, it takes time, commitment and consistency.

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