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YATM Creation Club

A monthly group where your momentum now happens.

Creation Club

The YATM Creation Club forced me to look at how I benefit people, why they need my services and why they are reluctant to take the first step.” Jackie Goddard

It is better when you do something extraordinary together.   

The You Are The Media Creation Club is a group learning format. You are provided clear direction to create, produce and promote. It is here to help you find your momentum with your content creation efforts. From blog ideas, to video topics, to podcast themes, this is your place during the month to bring ideas to life and then deliver.

The goal is to give you guidance on what you are going to stand for and then what you are going to say each month. If you want to attract better clients and be known as a trusted industry voice, this is for you.

Who Will Benefit From The YATM Creation Club?

This group format works great for founders, small business owners, consultants, artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. The focus is on delivering something real that others can get behind.  

The Group Structure For Each Month


A broad theme to discuss that can be applied to your business


One to one on what you are creating (30 mins) 


Back together ready to comment, publish and promote (one hour)

The Cost: £125 + VAT (per month)

Enrolment for winter 2022 sessions.

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