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Design In The Browser – 7 Ways Why It’s The Future!

We’ve recently put our belief in designing websites in the browser to the test, it works!

The tried and tested way for building websites, is to create a visual in InDesign/Photoshop, the concept/style is signed off and then the files are provided to the programmer to build. However, the world of design packages and browsers don’t necessarily mean that the finished product looks the same.

How It Works

Thus the idea to design in the browser came to fruition and a great example from one of our recent sites is for lighting design practice, Michael Grubb Studio.

The way it works is relatively straightforward, from an initial idea, we designed the layout and sent live, actual code back to the customer for comment/approval. The whole process becomes one where everyone is clear what the final version will eventually look like.

Rather than building the visual within InDesign/Photoshop and then making changes, you get your teeth into the browser and produce a site that everyone becomes familiar with.

7 Benefits To Why It Works

Here are The ID Group seven huge benefits to design in the browser:

–       It saves a huge amount of time with design amends. This normally happens before anything is supplied for programming

–       Customers buy what they see, designing in the browser gives control to customers to become familiar in it’s final platform

–       It’s much more effective to present to customers this way

–       It can be viewed in a host of browser sizes, before anything is finally live. A huge bonus when testing the initial layout.

–       Interaction is encouraged from the outset, where buttons can be pressed, pages can be swiped and visual effects are seen from an early stage

–       Content is considered first and then you design around it (not cramming in ideas and design)

–       The whole process becomes focused and clear

A website still needs good design and whoever is designing your site needs an appreciation and understanding of the development aspect.

The key to design in the browser is efficiency and transparency. It keeps everything clear from the outset and makes the whole process one that champions clarity.


Image: Courtesy of Flickr icecreamqueen99


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