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Should you buy local?

So, an interesting story that people are talking about locally is that Bournemouth University has appointed an agency based in Glasgow and London to update their online presence. When news came about that the university had chosen a company, local agencies across Bournemouth felt excluded.

Click here to read the story from The Drum.

Opinions and views began to rise about using local agencies. Should companies support and work with other local businesses with a community initiative to work together. Furthermore, should choices be made based on merit and credibility, not proximity?

This is how we see it…

Every company has equal right within the industry. There should be no prejudice to others based solely on proximity and local resources. The key factors that any company should consider are integrity, credibility, ability and track record.

What is important is integrity of your company and what you represent, credibility and experience with people that you have worked with. Additionally a company should have the ability and resources to support another project or company. If everything was kept local, this creates an incestuous community.

Universities especially, are a global business that has specific priorities, which does essentially play a factor in the selection process.

It is fair to be aware of local businesses and agencies as they may be able to support and deliver, but the selection process should be extended to a wider reach to give everyone a fair chance based on delivery, skill and track record.

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