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Doing The Right Thing (An Example From An ‘Evil’ Brand)

McDonald’s to many people is the epitome of all that is evil (mass produced food, percentage of fat to meat, pester power etc.), but then again, it’s part of our everyday society. The recent explanation why their burgers look so appetising in ads, compared to the harsh reality of something a lot more underwhelming, opened up a whole new world of brand/audience interaction*.

McDonalds’ Canada can be said to ‘do the right thing’ by having a website where customers can post any question for McDonald’s to directly respond. Ok, we guess the questions are pre-monitored, but what this does is open an honest dialogue to address consumers concerns/fears and look to build an image that represents honesty, transparency and integrity.

McDonald’s answering these questions, that we all think, instead of ignoring, is an important example to highlight a brand looking to build loyalty, respect and credibility with its customers. This can also be said of any business that operates in an honest and open way. The companies that make a difference and succeed are those that make their ideas real and stand for what is true. When you believe you are ‘doing the right thing,’ you then offer real value.

When you do things the right way, it becomes a lot more manageable to speak-out and make a difference to your marketplace.

[pullquote]When you have a truth on our side, there is a straightforwardness, a confidence that comes within. Dalai Lama[/pullquote]

* If you want to know why the burgers look so much better in the ads, the ‘shot’ burger must show all the ingredients (so all relish and garnish is visible) and the bun is tilted so it looks bigger. A bit of Photoshop to delete any blemishes at the end and you have your perfect burger.


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