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We All Have To Earn Attention

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Customers now buy into how we solve their problems, but to get others to trust us we have to earn attention.

Seeing someone on Twitter promote an article they’ve created and then putting the begging bowl out in front of them with the ‘Please retweet’ line is not a way to ‘earn it.’

We All Have To Work For It

We are all swimming in an ocean of information and competing for the attention of others to understand what we stand for and to make a lasting connection. To build that affiliation and make it worthwhile we all have to work hard for it.

There needs to be a commitment to being helpful to others and sticking to it. One thing that we have seen make a notable difference is to be more proactive with our database. Here at The ID Group, rather than information being sent on an irregular basis, we have now committed to sending everyone on our database a weekly email summary of topics called ‘You Are The Media,’ with a focus on themed blog articles. What is noticeable is that if there is a commitment to producing the webmail every week, the click throughs to reading the articles are increasing week on week. When you undertake a responsibility to others, we all need to stick to it and the exposure can work.

Own Your Space

To earn any form of attention others need to understand that you are passionate about what you believe in, so you own you space in the marketplace. The end result is that you become an expert and you’re suddenly the person people come to regard before they even know that you’re part of the space. That is when you have truly earnt the attention of others.

Consumers are faced with a tidal wave of follows, likes, shares, clicks and pleas for attention, what makes the individual or company stand out from the rest is that they can either look to compete with everyone else by proclaiming how fantastic they are or they can be useful to others.

What It All Means

To inform others, rather than to continually promote is the single biggest way to earn the attention of others and create long lasting relationships. A prospect who is informed and educated is more likely to make that first move.

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