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Eight Marketing Podcasts To Listen To When Running

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I have swapped Spotify for podcasts. Here are the best marketing related podcasts to listen to when running.

I promise an article that doesn’t mention Serial (oh…no I just have).

What is shaping the way that we all listen and consume in an on-demand driven world is driven by the devices that we prefer to consume.

Smartphones represent 48% of listening hours in the UK when it comes to podcasts, according to My iPhone is a way to plug-in and immerse myself in opinion and the way the world if shaping.

What was once a struggle to collate playlists that would keep me focused whilst running has now turned into a library that keeps me focused during those evening runs and have some ‘Mark time.’

Real Intimacy

I represent an entertainment/educational choice that is growing in popularity and choose the intimate way of listening (headphones on and away I go).

According to Edison Research, podcast listens have steadily increased in numbers every year (apart from 2013).

You should take some time to listen to some.

I guess the reason why I love this format is something that has been part of me since I was younger.

Since a teenager, one thing that I have done is listen to something when I go to bed. From recording football matches on the radio on a Maxell 90 minute cassette in the 80s, to buying the likes of Radio 4’s Knowing Me, Knowing you on cassette in the 90s, through to listening to the Ricky Gervais podcasts on my iPod back in 2006 it has always been there for me.

Listening to audio has always meant no annoying adverts and to listen whenever I wanted. According to the BBC there have been more than 1.1 billion downloads of BBC podcasts since 2004.

It’s All Changing

What we are now seeing is the prominence of authors, writers, opinion formers who have a ready made audience and making that jump into podcasting and taking on the new guise of broadcaster.

This is why every run I now take is accompanied with the voice of someone else that I have got to know, even if they don’t know me. Or the other side of the coin is that we have got to know one another off the back of a podcast, so brings this level of intimacy even more real.

Eight Choices

Without any particular order, here are eight the shows that keep me occupied, entertained and thought triggered during my evening runs.

I have chosen these because of the ability to inform on a consistent basis. This is all about familiarity and getting comfortable with a voice that you connect with.

If you are looking to invest time in how the world of marketing is shaping, but don’t necessarily know where to start, then let me be the audio on-demand equivalent of the Radio Times.

These are shows that, to me, are making a huge stamp in the evolution of marketing.


new_rainmakerNew Rainmaker

Brian Clark, from Copyblogger, has decided to take the reigns of this great show following on from the departure of Robert Bruce earlier this year (who probably had the best voice for audio).

What began as the content platform to announce the release of Rainmaker in 2014, is now a show that highlights the latest trends within marketing and to bring in those who are making their mark.

Copyblogger has been teaching people about online marketing for over eight years, to take this into an audio format where Brian calls it ‘free consultancy’ is an asset for your smartphone.

Your Run: These are for the 5k+ runs and gives you enough time to listen from beginning to end and help you take on board quickly new concepts and thoughts.

Selected Shows: Seth Godin on Stepping Up & Making It Happen (Dec 2014)

Click here for iTunes


marketing_book_podcastThe Marketing Book Podcast

This podcast is a spotlight on the role of marketing in the mid point of this decade and not just a focus on a particular author.

Each author has a point of view that relates to his or her book and provides a broader outline to continue a train of thought beyond the podcast.

The host is critical for any podcast. I am a big fan of the laidback style of Douglas Burdett who has pedigree within the marketing industry.

Your Run: The 30 minute 5k plus runs lets you understand the whole point of view from each interview.

Selected Shows: The Marketing Performance Blueprint by Paul Roetzer (May 2015)

Click here for iTunes


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 19.16.00Convince & Convert Podcast

The perfect example of repurposing content.

Selected articles from the blog are read by professional voice over artists to give every episode a sense of production quality. These shorter podcasts from five to 10 minutes, cover topics from response, social, content to blogging.

These are great to listen to, particularly articles that you may have an interest in that gives a deeper sense of emphasis from the written word to audio.

Your Run: The end of the run (doesn’t matter what distance) where the end is in sight and so is your learning and listening time.

Selected Show: How To Create Time For Writing Great Content (Feb 2015)

Click here for iTunes


reputation_revolutionReputation Revolution

Trevor Young hosts this podcast from his space in Melbourne, Australia and I think it’s important to hear a marketing perspective from across the globe (which is part of the fascination with the ability to broadcast and share a voice).

Much of Trevor’s focus is how we build influence and what we can take on board for our businesses and also ourselves in order to mean something to an audience who are willing to take time to listen.

Your Run: For the 5k+ runs. These shows range from 25 minutes to 45 minutes, so if you are going with the flow and seeing where the run will take you on an unfamiliar path, this is ideal.

Selected Show: How Joe Pulizzi Built A Dominant Global Thought Leadership Position Using Content Marketing (April 2015)

Click here for iTunes


six pixels of separationSix Pixels Of Separation

Anyone who can proudly say at the beginning of a show ‘Welcome to episode 479’ has earnt the right to earn the attention of others.

Mitch Joel’s weekly podcast is testament to being curious, being committed and being inquisitive from someone who has produced one of the finest books of this decade (Ctrl Alt Delete).

The reason I enjoy this podcast is not because of the scope of guests but just how knowledgeable and insightful Mitch Joel is.

Your Run: For the longer 10k+ runs, this is a great podcast to soak up and immerse yourself in.

Selected Show: any episode that he teams up with Joseph Jaffe

Click here for iTunes


this old marketingPnR: This Old Marketing

Approaching 100 shows, this weekly show is probably regarded as the stalwart for any content marketer.

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose break their hourly shows into segments from weekly news, a rants and rave section and a case study on brands that practice a content approach.

I have to say that this is a show that I fit in every week, without fail, purely for the fact that it is topical. No other podcast out there does this.

Your Run: With the segmented nature of this podcast, why not break this up into different runs (which I do).

Selected Show: start from the latest show, take in what’s happening within the world of content marketing and guarantee you will be back for the next show (released every Tuesday)

Click here for iTunes


content incContent Inc.

Similar to New Rainmaker coinciding with the launch of the Rainmaker platform, this podcast was aligned to the launch of Joe Pulizzi’s latest book Content Inc.

The target audience for this is very much for the smaller business with the aim to build an audience with the outcome to drive actions. These short shows (five minutes) are intended for each episode to take one thing from it. As the book is now launched, I hope this keeps momentum.

Your Run: This is for the five minute burst at the end of the run. You know the end is in sight, this is here to accompany the momentum from another show.

Selected Show: What If Your Content Was Gone? (June 2015)

Click here for iTunes


probloggerProBlogger Podcast

From having a ready made audience from, when this show launched in June, it is understandable why it reached number one in the business podcast category on iTunes.

Darren Rowse has a very relaxed nature to help you build a more effective blog and to bring in his knowledge and experience to share with others.

Your Run: this is for the focused 5k+ run where concentration is on one topic.

Selected Show: Any of the Q&A shows

Click here for iTunes


There we go, eight podcasts to hopefully give you a bit of variety to listen to when running. There is content out there for every interest. I’d be interested to know what you are listening to.


The Quiet ‘Homebrew Mention

Marketing_Homebrew_podcastRather than turning this article into an advert, whilst it would have a sense of self-congratulation if I included above, if you are ever looking to add to your list, why not listen to The Marketing Homebrew.

Ian Rhodes and myself started this in January 2015 and whilst the likes of New Rainmaker, Problogger and This Old Marketing already had significant audiences prior to launch, Ian and myself started a lot further down.

Our whole intention is to create a show with a UK perspective. The current format is to take a word apart so it doesn’t sound like a buzzword.

We have started to include interviews from British brands that are making their mark and building their audience. There aren’t too many shows with a UK focus and how the world of content marketing is shaping. All we are trying to do is highlight the importance for businesses to change their thinking. Come and have a listen. Click here for iTunes.


Image at the top of the article courtesy of Minoru Nitta

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