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Embrace The ‘Rubbish’ When Creating Content

Everyone has to start somewhere, and that means being comfortable with being rubbish.

As the new ID Group website goes live this week, it gave a chance to reflect and look back at the steps it takes to become comfortable for what you stand for and you have to produce what can be considered as garbage, so it then becomes a form of measurement to the better work that is produced.

My first tweet on April 1st 2009 was, ‘First entry. I must embrace this technology…not Facebook but Twitter ahoy’ (you can find your very first tweet from The early days were a mix of finding myself on this new platform and broadcasting what can be said as not of much value to anyone.

This is similar to the early days of the blog pages, one of my favourites for ‘content for the sake of content’ was my ‘brands of summertime’ article, written in February 2012 looking at the brands that were synonymous with summer, hey, why not have a read of it here!

What I’m trying to highlight is that you have to be committed to finding your own path and what you’re comfortable with when it comes to writing and expressing your angle of opinion. It doesn’t happen overnight, it needs an investment of time (and on the grand scale of things, that’s not such a bad investment).

The 21st century has so far highlighted that writing is becoming a skill that we must possess. Lets look at it this way, most of our content is now consumed online and represents a global shift where we are absorbing more than ever what we read on our phones, tablets and computers.

Whilst most people can’t claim to be revered copywriters, this is a skill we need to embrace for our products and services to be acknowledged and create better results.

By finding a tone of voice and a commitment to writing, means that the tables turn by creating better sales copy and tools of persuasion. By creating copy and sharing helps make a stand and to become active, as opposed to passively consuming by reading what others have to say/sell.

If you can accept the early days that what you write may be rubbish, that is fine, over time this helps develop and grow an audience.

To have an audience who understand what you stand for can become one of the most powerful tools in your armoury.

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