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A Flat Cap Story (And How It Relates To Blogging Consistently)

 Flat Cap and blogging consistently. The ID Group content marketing

Here’s a story about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone when it comes to blogging consistently.

Last month I was bought something that can either be considered as looking quite cool, or more often than not a sign of age, that means the next natural progression for me is a moustache. I am now the proud owner of a flat cap.

The Flat Cap Story

However, I was a slightly reticent in wearing it at first because adorning any form of hat has been something that I’ve never really done and when I first stepped out to the newsagent on a Saturday morning to wear it for the first time, I was laughed at by a couple of teenagers, so not the best start to ‘wearing it in’ and achieving buy in from others.

Nevertheless, the laughing didn’t make me turn round, find the nearest bin and run home blaming my wife. I kept with it, held my head high and rather than looking for acceptance from everyone just kept with it and now realise that I don’t want to move to the next stage and grow a moustache, I’m happy with how I am and the ‘accessory’ gets comments from friends in a more positive light rather than pointing and laughing.

That Link From Wearing A Cap To Blogging Consistently

This links (trust me here) with starting to blog and finding a place that you can call your own by creating and publishing content on a regular basis. We all have to begin somewhere and that means doing something that you’re not necessarily familiar with.

When we begin our journeys we don’t always receive the positive reinforcement that we initially hoped for, invariably we are in a long dark tunnel, on our own but we look to highlight through content our personalities, what we believe in and become accepted by not everyone but those we wish to serve and get to know us better (or already know us well enough, just reinforce what we stand for).

When looking to build consistency in writing, you shouldn’t have the aim to be friends with everyone it’s all about having an opinion and sticking to it. When wearing my flat cap on a more regular basis, I’m not wearing this to be socially accepted, I’m wearing this because I now feel relaxed wearing it. This is similar to the way that you write, that needs to be a reflection of the way that you speak (friendly, approachable) and above all else being human.

We’ve Got To Be In This For The Long Game (Cap Wearing Or Not)

To gain positive reinforcement we have to be in it for the long haul. We can’t step foot outside of our house for the first time, with something a bit different (at least to ourselves) and become regarded as slick by the rest of the world. Acceptance takes time and if we are looking to build an audience who believe in us, we have to be committed and consistent to generate momentum in the way that others see us and how we want to be perceived (and taken seriously).

Coming back to the hat, I’m now wearing it more frequently and while wearing a cap isn’t for everyone, then neither is blogging. It’s just something that you need to throw yourself into and keep with if you want to showcase who you are and your point of view.

Flat cap wearers of the world unite, I’m joining you. Be interesting to read if you keep the momentum with your writing and is making a difference to how your industry sees you.

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