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Having A Responsibility To Entertain. With Andrew Pickering And Pete Gartland

andrew and pete

On this podcast, lets look at having a right to entertain your audience with Andrew Pickering and Pete Gartland.

Andrew and Pete focus on how content marketing can work for businesses, but without a formulaic approach. Recognised for their message beyond the UK (they have participated at Social Media Marking World and will be at Content Marketing World in 2018).

When you create your own media, ask yourself do people want more Q&As or ‘how to’ type articles, written from no previous experience?

If someone is going to connect and buy from you, it is your duty to become the host and others to become absorbed within your space.

In this show, I ask Andrew and Pete:

– Have we (in the B2B space) taken ourselves far too seriously for too long?

– Do you see it as a responsibility to keep an audience engaged, fired up, entertained, challenged

– How have you become comfortable with your approach ie. up the ante to entertain others whilst at the same time get across a serious message

– Do we have to be better than ‘your customers best answer’?

– What advice would you give others to connect on a much more emotive level?

Let me know what you think

Enjoy the show

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