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How Brand Personality Is Key To Your Success

Decisions are based on the relationships we create, you’ll never build a relationship by hoping someone will react to a message you send out.

A couple of good examples from the past fortnight, included a LinkedIn message where I was ‘pitch slapped’ from one side of the room to the other with what was being sold to me and the second was after a networking event and someone who I didn’t speak to, but obviously had the sheet of contacts/email addresses, sent me the email (which we probably have all seen before) with the ‘good to see you at the event yesterday…now here’s eight paragraphs about us.’

These are examples where it is blatantly clear that the whole focus was to make the sale and nothing to do with sowing the seeds of a relationship. Never become ‘that person’ because when you do, your personality goes completely out the window.

Always remember that the brands we create, aren’t the logos we sit behind, but the successful ones are those that act human and evoke an emotion. The biggest fear for us all is that no one cares and what we produce is irrelevant. It’s time to let the human side come to the surface.

What changed for my business was the moment when customers and prospects were all treated ‘normally’ and the same foundations used to build friendships with people.

When we meet someone new in our personal lives, we don’t go guns blazing saying how fantastic we are, we see how they fit into our way of behaviour through listening, conversing and ultimately, we like who they are and what they represent. This is exactly the same for building business relationships and creating a brand personality.

Our intentions should never be to please everyone, if you do this you merely sit on the fence and become unimportant. To be seen as having a personality, you need to stand for something that you believe in and be worthy of your audience’s attention. When you do this, you are considered as the expert because you have an opinion.

Your brand’s personality is one that should be continually evolving through the different prospects/customers you meet. By having a brand personality that has a human side, also means that none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and if we can be strong enough to say ‘whoops my fault’ sometimes, then at least shows our businesses represent being honest, transparent and authentic.

The relationships we create are firmly built on the brand characteristics we represent. By having a clear personality helps build bonds and alliances and send those that don’t fit in the other direction.

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