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How can you grow your business?

If you enjoy what you do, other people will see this through your work and audiences will be more responsive.

The amount you want your business to grow is dependant on a number of factors: how much you want it to grow, creative thinking, resources that are available to you and how much you want to invest, in terms of time and effort.

So, what are the most effective ways to grow your business?


Maintain strong communication with existing and prospective clients. This will build your business and your company’s credibility.


People don’t like copy heavy websites, it is not interactive and there’s too much to focus on. Concentrate on getting your message/company goals across to audiences, use relevant information and keep it simple.

Social Media

Social media is evolving, so keep people updated with latest news of your company via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest. Keep audiences engaged.


Networking is essential in order to build your business community. The bigger your community grows, the wider the reach.


Building and maintaining relationships is key. Trust, rapport and communication are the key factors for a successful relationship.

Cold Calling

It may not everyone’s cup of tea, but by having a leap of faith cold calling can be effective to your business. Don’t be afraid if a customer does pick up the phone and says ‘no’. Persevere because there are people that need your help.

Cash flow

Cash flow is vital to any business. If your company generates sufficient revenue you will have the correct resources to reach your target markets and use a range of media effectively (such as advertising, print and sales promotion).


We’re not saying this is a definitive list, but these are key in building successful and stable businesses. If there’s anything to add, feel free to comment below.

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