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How can your brand be seen and heard?

There are a number of channels that can be used to present yourself to different audiences by being consistent and having continuous exposure of your brand. Here are some of our favourites that are effective and easily applicable.

Twitter is an effective networking tool to share, comment and be consistent within your industry. The essence of twitter is to have a voice within your community by posting good tweets, retweets and interactions with other businesses. (Click here for our Twitter guide).

Video content is a way of ‘seeing.’ This gives an insight into the heart of a company and shows how they present themselves and interact. This is a really effective way to share via social media and to targeted audiences.

Business cards are one of the most traditional formats to present a company’s identity. However, why not be more innovative? Treat it as more than a card and offer more. For instance, is there an offer you can promote? Are there aspects of the business that you want people to know more about? Are there more ways you present your business on your card, i.e. links for twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, blogs.

A personalised letter is an ideal way for targeting prospects. Move away from the conventional email and take time to write to someone. Use good quality paper, add something to your envelope i.e. a puzzle, present. The idea is to be more engaging than a written email.

A blog becomes a really effective tool when it is promoted through a number of channels, notably the social media networks and links included on each email signature. Blogs are a great format to have an opinion and comment and recognition within your industry.

Networking is important to build your business community. Making new connections and meeting new people can lead to positive referrals from clients to prospects. It can also allow you to learn or share ideas with other people in similar/different industries. Networking can also lead to partnerships and joint ventures for companies, so be confident and get your voice heard.

Contributing within the business community is useful to build up your networking skills and giving people a reason to remember your company. Presentations are a great way to engage audiences and to build awareness to a company’s brand/values.

All of these tactics represent being cost effective, easy to implement, control and measure. How do you make yourself heard?

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