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How Do Companies Create Loyalty?

The secret to a successful business is owed to the loyalty commanded from your customer base by showing an interest. If we create more of a social movement, where people love us, then this is worth it’s weight in gold.

I have found that the more you look to build a relationship and show an interest in others, as opposed to a generic LinkedIn ‘join my network via a templated text introduction’ then you make that leap from the rest of the crowd.

Loyalty comes about by making a connection with others and contributing to your marketplace. This week alone I received four newsletters (why did I sign up for them in the first place, they were all pap) that were keen to tell me how their product was the best in the market. It had nothing to do with the fact that they cared more, did more, served better than the others and could give me a better way of working. It’s the same for all of us, the sooner you start improving your customers’ lives, the quicker they recognise the value you provide when compared to the competition.

An example from my past fortnight, has been the quest for a new builder to quote for my new loft conversion. The roll-call began with supplying architects plans and measurements to quote and only one supplier stood miles out from the rest (seven in total). Why, because they were bothered. Ok, the cost was slightly more than the others, but with the samples they brought with them, to the phone call to double check the quote had been received, they almost became an advisor as opposed to a supplier.

Loyalty is driven from looking at how many ways you can add the dimension of value, not by you but in the eyes of the prospect/customer. Human nature means we all want to feel special and valued by others. If we can give better results for others, then your reputation will become widespread within your marketplace.

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