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How social media can destroy a brand

Social media has become a requirement for business continuity. As we all look to become comfortable with the channels we use, it can also become detrimental to a brand message.

A good example of this and seeing first hand was the recent Business 2012 event at the London 02. In a nutshell, the poor execution and lack of attention to detail of the event went viral and with a three-day event, the expectations were set from day one.

The power of response was also evident via the #biz2012, not just because of the sheer number of people commenting, but the speed at which the information was shared during the exhibition. This is purely as an example of a recent event that was built up via social media channels but was castigated just as quickly. What it does show is that if you don’t manage your digital footprint, others clearly will.

However, this does encourage that when it comes to using social media as a marketing channel we need to take responsibility and accountability for our actions. There is nothing worse than reading constant hard selling messages from companies who haven’t got to grips with the etiquette. This does eventually promote intolerance for brands that don’t ‘step-up’ and customers begin to switch off. The ability to share dissatisfaction is immense.

By adapting to a changing world and with social media at the forefront, can we really say that we are ‘social media experts’? With the discipline still relatively new, a more apt role would be ‘social media enthusiasts,’ expertise comes after years of dedication, study and practice.

As owners and users, it is important to recognise our responsibilities for the brands we represent and organise how they stand out in a crowded marketplace. Creativity, adaptability and engaging with audiences builds advocacy.

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